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Procitala sam neki komentar o rangiranju najboljih tenisera u istoriji koje je svojevremeno odradio Tignor.

Elem, komentar je bio da je Tignor najpre stavio Lavera nize na listi, pa da ga je potom "pogurao"" navise sledeci put kad je radio listu (a Laver u medjuvremenu nije ni pipnuo reket :lol_2: )


probala sam da nadjem tu neku listu, za sada bezuspesno. no, nasla sam na ovaj komentar nekoga (verujem da je tacan):


SteveTignor 2005 List
1. Sampras
2. Borg
3. Connors
4. Laver

SteveTignor 2018 List
1. Federer
2. Laver
3. Nadal
4. Sampras


interesantno kako je Laver pretekao i Samprasa i Borga i Konorsa, plus Nadala, a nije odigrao ni jedan profesionalni mec :lol_2:


Inace, na 2018 listi Novak je bio 5. (imao 12 GS), iza Samprasa.

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evo jos jedne liste koja je pravljena u medjuvremenu:

2012 Tennis channel all time list
OE players extracted and included only for comparison purposes

1. Federer

2. Laver

3. Sampras

4. Nadal

5. Borg

6. Agassi

7. McEnroe

8. Connors

9. Lendl

10. Rosewall.

11. Becker

12. Edberg

13. Ashe

14. Newcombe

15. Wilander

16. Djokovic

17. Vilas

18. Courier

19. Năstase

20. Kuerten

21. Smith

22. Hewitt

23. Rafter

24. Safin

25. Kafelnikov


2018 tennis channel list of OE players

1. Federer (stayed same)

2. Laver (stayed same)

3. Nadal (up 1)

4. Sampras (down 1)

5. Djokovic (up 11)

6. Borg (down 1)

7. Rosewall (up 3)

8. Lendl (up 1)

9. McEnroe (down 2)

10. Connors (down 2)

11. Agassi (down 5)

12. Wilander (Up 3)

13. Becker (down 2)

14. Edberg (down 2)

15. Newcombe (Down 1)

16. Vilas (Up 1)

17. Courier (Up 1)

18. Murray (NE)

19. Năstase (Stayed same)

20. Ashe (Down 7)

21. Kuerten (Down 1)

22. Hewitt (Same)

23. Smith (Down 2)

24. Wawrinka (NE)

25. Roddick (Up 2)


komentar coveka koji je nasao ove liste:

  • Djokovic is the biggest mover - up 11 places from 16 to number 5.
  • Nadal overtakes Sampras after exceeding his slam total of 14, but not enough to displace Laver at 2.
  • Agassi, McEnroe, Connors, Lendl and Rosewall have swapped positions, for no real apparent reason since 2012. Revisionism or new people on tennis channel (including Tignor on both) changing their mind?
  • Wilander now ranked above Becker and Edberg.
  • Murray - a new entry after his 3 Slams and 2 Olympic Golds
  • Ashe is a big loser - down 7 places since 2012. Was his standing in the game as the first great African American tennis player overstated 6 years ago and now only his playing record in the open era is considered.
  • Wawrinka is a new entry after his 3 slams.
  • Roddick has overtaken Rafter, Safin and Kafelnikov for no reason since 2012.



a evo je i lista za zene:


Women's 2012 list (excluded the likes of Lenglen, Connolly, Wills, Bueno, Gibson)

  1. Graf
  2. Navratilova
  3. Court
  4. Evert
  5. King
  6. Serena Williams
  7. Seles
  8. Venus Williams
  9. Henin
  10. Goolagong
  11. Hingis
  12. Davenport.
  13. Sanchez Vicario
  14. Clijsters
  15. Austin
  16. Capriati
  17. Wade.
  18. Mandlikova
  19. Sharapova
  20. Sabatini
  21. Pierce
  22. Mauresmo
  23. Kuznetsova


Azarenka (not on 2012 list

Kerber (not on 2012 list)

Wozniacki (not on 2012 list)

Li Na (not on 2012 list)

Women's 2018 list


  1. Serena Williams (Up 5)
  2. Graf (Down 1)
  3. Navratilova (Down 1)
  4. Court (Down 1)
  5. Evert (Down 1)
  6. King (Down 1)
  7. Seles (No change)
  8. Venus Williams (No change)
  9. Henin (No Change)
  10. Goolagong (Up 1)
  11. Hingis (Down 1)
  12. Sharapova (Up 7)
  13. Sanchez Vicario (no change)
  14. Clijsters (No change)
  15. Davenport. (Down 3)
  16. Wade. (Down 1)
  17. Capriati (Down 1)
  18. Austin (Down 3)
  19. Mandlikova (Down 1)
  20. Sabatini (no change)
  21. Mauresmo (Up 1)
  22. Azarenka (NE)
  23. Kerber (NE)
  24. Wozniacki (NE)
  25. Li Na (NE)


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gledam sad ko je u rukovodecim strukturama ATP, promenila se malo imena od prosli  put kad sam gledala:






Alex Inglot

Player Representative

London, United Kingdom

Alex Inglot was elected in May 2018. Born and based in London, after studying law at Oxford University he spent five years working as a lawyer in two leading corporate law firms in London's City. After a short stint leading the transition of top Mexican football team Atlante to its new home in Quintana Roo, he spent three years at JTA on communications briefs for the likes of WADA, Manchester United, Sochi 2014 Organising Committee and the AELTC. From 2014 to 2018, he was Director of Communications & Public Affairs at Sportradar, a global leader in sports data, content and integrity. Since 2020, he has been the Commissioner of the ESL Pro League, developing the governance and brand of the leading league in CS:GO. 

ATP Involvement

Inglot began serving a three and a half-year term as Player Board representative for the European Region from May, 2018.

njegov valjda brat je dubl igrac (ako se nije u medjuvremenu penzionisao).

mislim da njega sad treba da zamene (istice mu mandat)



Mark Knowles

Player Representative

Nassau, Bahamas

Mark Knowles, an ATP Board member from 2020, is a former World No. 1 doubles player. During his 20 years on the ATP Tour, the Bahamian won 55 doubles titles, finished as the No. 1 doubles team in 2002 and '04 alongside long-time partner Daniel Nestor, and individually held down the No. 1 ATP Doubles Ranking for a total of 65 weeks. Knowles also played at UCLA from 1990-92 and represented the Bahamas in the Olympics five times. Since his retirement at the 2012 US Open, Knowles has worked for the Tennis Channel, providing on-air commentary and analysis.

ATP Involvement

Knowles began a three-year term as Americas Player Representative from January 2020. He was an ATP Player Council member from 2002-04 and served as Vice President.



Eno Polo

Player Representative

London, England

Former Kenyan Davis Cup player Eno Polo was born and raised in Kenya to Italian and French parents. After completing high school in Kenya he attended university in Texas, USA. After playing professional tennis on the ATP circuit for four years, he moved into a 14-year professional career at Nike followed by roles at Juventus F.C., Havaianas, and Seven Global, a joint venture with David Beckham.

ATP Involvement

Polo began his role as Player Representative for the International Region on 1 January 2021.

ovog je novi PC izabrao (u kome je I Endi - bas me zanima da li je Endijev PR tim, koji valjda radi i sa Bekamom, imao uticaja :smiley33:  , a tu je i nezaobilazni Nike)



Gavin Forbes

Tournament Representative

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Gavin Forbes was elected in November 2008. The Senior Vice President of International Management Group (IMG), Forbes has been involved with tennis throughout his life. His father, Gordon, played professional tennis. Forbes is based out of the IMG headquarters in Cleveland.

ATP Involvement

American representative on Board of Directors since January 2009.



Charles Humphrey Smith

Tournament Representative

Shanghai, China

An ATP Board member since 2011, Charles Smith is the Managing Director/International of Juss Event, China’s largest sports/events management company which stages the Rolex Shanghai Masters and China’s Formula 1 race. For his contribution to sports and culture in China, Smith has been awarded both the Silver and Gold Magnolia awards from the Shanghai Government.

ATP Involvement

Smith has a 25 year history in professional tennis in North America and Asia and has been involved with staging every level of ATP tournament. Smith led the efforts to secure and stage the highly successful Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup in 2002, 2005-2008, followed by the award winner Shanghai Rolex Masters 1000. He has been an ATP International Group Council member since 2000.



Herwig Straka

Tournament Representative

Vienna, Austria

Herwig Straka was elected in November 2018. After studying law and business in Austria, he started his career in banking in New York before he turned to tennis. In 1991 he founded the e|motion group, an event and live marketing company, which owns and promotes sporting events in different areas (tennis, golf, football, mountain-biking). He is also actively involved in athlete management, including tennis players like former World No. 1 Thomas Muster.

ATP Involvement

Straka has a long-lasting history in tennis, running successful events on all levels of the ATP (ATP Tour, ATP Champions Tour, ATP Challenger Tour) and ITF (Davis Cup). He is currently the tournament director of the ATP 500 event in Vienna. Straka has been serving on several boards in men’s tennis, among others as a member of the ATP Tournament Council since 2010.


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hehehe, bas me cudi :classic_biggrin::wicked:


bese direktor Mastersa u Parizu ono konsultovao Feda da vidi kakva tacno podloga mu odgovara (pa mu Fed poslao speciffikacije) jer je posto-poto hteo da Fed konacno osvoji taj turnir dok je on jos direktor turnira. :wink2:

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Endi je osvojio Rotterdam 2009-te. Da li me secanje vara ili je tad bas nesto bila brza podloga u Rotterdamu? (mislim da nisam pobrkala s Antwerpenom, znam samo da se pricalo da su preterali s brzinom)

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