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Formula 1 will continue using its 2019-specification tyres next year after team unanimously voted against introducing Pirelli’s new rubber in 2020.


Pirelli conducted a series of tests of its 2020 development tyres during the course of the season with several different teams, culminating in a three-team test at the Circuit de Catalunya in October.


However drivers expressed doubts over the new constructions after testing the during the first practice session for the United States Grand Prix in November. They were given another chance to evaluate the new compounds, alongside the 2019 rubber, at Yas Marina last week.


That failed to ease concerns over the 2020 tyres. Following the test Romain Grosjean said the new tyres were not a clear improvement over the ones used this year.


The FIA confirmed the outcome of the vote today. “After having tested and analysed new specification tyres for 2020, a vote for the specification of the tyres for the 2020 season was carried out according to Article 12.6.1 of the technical regulations,” the sport’s governing body announced in a statement. “The vote resulted in a unanimous decision to keep the 2019 specification tyres for the 2020 season by the Formula 1 teams.


“The FIA would like to thank both Pirelli and all the teams for their work and collaboration to improve the tyres for the 2020 season and beyond. In any case, the lessons learnt will be invaluable for the further improvement of the tyres in the future.”


Pirelli said in a statement it, the FIA and the teams had taken three points into account in their deliberations. “The teams will no longer have to modify the designs of their 2020 cars, which wouldotherwise have been necessary to accommodate the different profile of the 2020 tyre construction.” it noted.


“This will now allow the teams to continue the development of their 2020 cars – which are already at an advanced stage – uninterrupted. [And] the use of the 2019 tyres also guarantees the teams stability, with the advantage of using a well-known product during the final season of the current regulations.”



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Formula 1’s managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches will step down from his role at the end of the month, the championship has confirmed.


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Formula 1 global TV audience reaches 1.9 billion viewers!


Formula 1's audience figures continued to grow in 2019 across both the sport's TV and digital platforms, reaching a global audience of 1.922 billion viewers!

The cumulative number was the highest since 2012 and represented a 9% increase relative to 2018.

F1's top five markets remained unchanged in 2019, with Brazil, Germany, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands leading the viewership numbers with audiences for each country higher that 100 million.

However, exceptional increases were noted among several territories, with Poland's audience boosted by 256% thanks to Robert Kubica's return to the sport, while new contract arrangements also benefitted viewership in the Middle East and in North Africa.

Perez blasts F1 TV for not covering 'unbelievable' midfield racing

Audiences also continued to grow in Greece (+75%), the Netherlands (+56%), Italy (+29%) and Germany (+23%) as well as in the United States (+7%) and in China (+5%).

Last September's Italian Grand Prix generated the highest audience with 112 million viewers, the highest number since the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix.

Formula 1 sustained its healthy growth on social media, with followers reaching 24.9 million (+32.9% compared to 2018) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

F1's digital platforms surpassed 1 billion pageviews, almost doubling its 2018 number.



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There are a couple of interesting things today in Formula 1. Firstly, the news that McLaren and Renault have found a way to allow Pat Fry to start at Enstone, despite the fact that Fry had a contract that meant that he could not begin working at Renault before the start of September. The cynics would say that this is something that was inevitable as it is not in the interests of McLaren to upset its engine supplier for the 2020 season... The last time I spoke to Andreas Seidl on the subject, he showed no sign of budging from the contractual terms and so one must presume that a certain amount of discussion was required... 


According to reports in France, the question of who will take over as CEO of Renault is now settled with an extraordinary board meeting later this week to confirm that the the former Volkswagen AG executive Luca de Meo will be taking over. His attitude towards F1 will be important, although there are also rumours that Renault F1 has already secured the budget it requires to move it into the F1 big league.


The other point of point is that Eric Boullier has now been upgraded from being an advisor to the French Grand Prix to becoming the "Directeur Général" of the organisation, which basically means he is now the boss, although he will be reporting to the chairman of the race promotion company, Christian Estrosi, the politician who put the event together in order to help drive economic activity in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region.


There are plans that have yet to be finalised that will alter the Paul Ricard circuit, in an effort to create more overtaking. This will involved modifications in the first sector of the circuit, which require some new track to be laid. However, thi is only to take four days to do. The final details are not yet finalised as the FIA still has to give the go-ahead for the work. The chicane at the back of the track will however remain in place.


The organisation is continuing to develop the event with some interesting new transportation options for spectators, including coach services to the track on race day from the French cities of Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Perpignan and Valence and an international deal involving transport and three nights of camping, with departures from Barcelona, Milan, Turin, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. There are also going to be some special TGVs that will bring fans from Paris.


Beyond that there is little else but rumour at the moment.




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Kina "odlozena":




The Chinese Grand Prix, which was due to go ahead in April at the Shanghai International Circuit, has been called off following the coronavirus outbreak, and efforts are underway to find another time to hold it.


The postponement of the race means the Dutch Grand Prix, which is making its first appearance on the F1 calendar for 35 years, will now be the fourth round of the championship, following the new round in Vietnam. There will be a three-week gap between the two races.



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Prost says "stupid" electric obsession leaves F1 in tough spot


An upset Alain Prost says "stupid" moves by governments to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars risk killing the European car industry – and will leave Formula 1 facing some tough decisions.

As a number of governments plan to outlaw the sale of petrol/diesel and hybrid cars from 2040 at the latest, Prost has questioned the political motives behind those efforts which he thinks will achieve little in reducing carbon emissions.

And with the costs of forcing car manufacturers to go electric putting their finances under pressure – with Honda this week admitting that the price of electrification had put question marks over its F1 future – Prost is unhappy about where things are heading.

"I am really upset about what I can see today with the automobile industry," said Prost, when asked by Motorsport.com for his views on the impact of the push by governments to force car makers to go electric.

"We are going to give everything to the Chinese [automotive industry] where in 10 years' time, they are going to introduce their cars here - and that is what I don't like.

"I don't care because I'm not part of the industry but I really hate that. It is stupid, stupid regulation.

"We're going to lose I promise you, one million people [employees] in the next 10 years in the automobile industry if we don't change that. Today, if you had a big car with a diesel engine with the nice [pollution] filters, it should not be a problem."


Prost says that key problems for him in people being forced away from petrol and diesel is that hybrid cars are not necessarily more environmentally friendly, because there is a weight penalty that comes from carrying around the battery and motors.

But he is also worried that there is no joined-up thinking in Europe regarding electric charging infrastructure.

"We're talking about Brussels, about Europe, but why don't we have all the same plugs and same system of recharge? We have two competitors in France and they have two different systems. That is completely stupid.

"Today if you go for the maximum [number] of hybrid cars, which is the way we are going, you are not going to push the electrical cars where we should push them: especially in the big cities.

"I think when you go for more mileage [with a hybrid], your CO2 emission is going to be the same, or even worse, because the weight of the car is going to be a lot more, and we know that."

He added: "We ban diesel but at the end I'm sure that we are not going to reduce the CO2 with these measures. We could do it differently."

F1 impact

Prost says that the massive uncertainty over the automotive industry will have consequences for F1 – as he believes some tough decisions are going to need to be made about what happens to its engines.

"When you ask me about F1, I always answer: take care of the automobile industry first, and F1 is then very healthy," he said.

"I was the one pushing for the new [turbo hybrid] engine. Even the first project was a four-cylinder, remember that, because we thought that is the closest technology [to road cars] that we're going to have in the future with the turbo engine. But it did not work for F1, we must be honest. The fans don't like [it] very much."

Prost thinks there are two totally different routes that F1 can take in the longer term: go for popular engines like V8s or V12s that deliver entertainment, or try to go for an all-new technology like hydrogen to stay one-step ahead of the automobile industry.

"You don't want to go with electrical because we have FE, and you know how difficult it is going to be for FE in the future that is for sure," he said.

"It is very difficult to develop because of the tracks, because of the technology, because of the money.

"So what is the technology for F1 in the future? It is difficult to know. On one side, and it's not my position, we go back to 12 cylinder and we have the same vision of F1 worldwide.

"Or, if we go to hydrogen in 10 years time, we would have another philosophy. And why not? But who is going to push the button and make that decision? It's very difficult, but it's good to ask the question.

"We need to talk about sustainability all the time: what we can do, but the technology is very, very difficult. We cannot, like in my period [driving in F1] follow the trend of the automobile industry. Today it is much more difficult."





Profesor uvek ima mudru priču

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Zao mi je, ali iskreno sam tako nesto i ocekivao. Pretpostavljam da ce i sezona da se suspenduje do daljeg.

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Zao mi je sto je u pitanju Australija. Lepo da otkazu Bahrein, Vijetnam i Kinu. Taman do maja. Pa krenuti iz Evrope.


Ionako su te staze nezanimljive a publika je po duznosti tu.



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