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I see that Nico Hulkenberg is saying that he expects to see Mick Schumacher in Formula 1 in 2021 at the latest. I tend to agree with that. Nico probably knows because he will have been scouting the F1 field for oppportunities given that he out of Renault at the end of the year and I am sure he has been told what is on offer in the available seats in the next two years. The answer is not much. I would expect Nico to move into Haas next year, partnering Kevin Magnussen, although the two men do not get on very well. Kevin, you may recall, told Nico to "suck my balls" some time agao when the German driver was complaining about Kevin's uncompromising style of driving. To be fair, he is not the only one to have to have done that because Kevin is a Viking by nature and pushes things to the absolute edge, right out there in Max Verstappen Land in this respect. Nico did not appreciate this suggestion but if he wants a place in F1 next year, it would be wise for him to find a way of living happily with Magnussen, which inevitably he will. Kevin has a contract for 2020 and so for Haas it is really a choice between Nico and Romain Grosjean and one can imagine that Nico's reliable and quick driving will ultimately trump Grosjean's amazing pace which only pops up from time to time.


I am sure that Nico has had a quiet word with the folk down at Sauber, where he drove in 2013. His natural home would seem to be Racing Point, where he drove in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 but Sergio Perez has been very smart is signing a new deal until the end of 2022 and there will be no space there until then, or until Lance Stroll either moves on to a bigger team or quits F1. Sauber, officially known as Alfa Romeo at the moment, is very close to Ferrari (very) and so one can imagine that Mick will be drafted in there in 2021, when Kimi Raikkonen retires. The Finn will be 40 next month and while he is still driving strongly and outclassing Antonio Giovinazzi, it is hard to imagine that he will be offered a new deal for 2021. It is also hard to imagine that Giovinazzi will be dropped next year. He's the only Italian driver in F1 and Ferrari is not going to be keen to see him being dropped at a time when Ferrari is still having a pretty poor year, despite the two recent wins from Charles Leclerc.


There is the additional problem of Mick's superlicence because although he currently has 50 superlicence points, with only 40 required, at the end of this year he is going to lose the 20 points he gained in Formula 4 in 2016, because superlicence points and valid only three years. He scored nothing in 2017 in his first year in Formula 3 but then won the title last year and collected 30, so that means that on January 1 2020 he will have only 30 points and will no longer be qualified for the superlicence. If he is going to qualify for a licence he must finish sixth in the Formula 2 Championship and he is currently 11th. He is currently 66 points away from sixth and there are only two events (four races) remaining. He's been rather unlucky with mechanical failures and with the Spa races being cancelled, but that is the way things are. It is possible to do this (on paper) but it relies on his rivals not scoring much while he must have two scintillating weekends. That could happen, but it doesn't seem very likely.  If he has to wait in Formula 2 for another season, he needs to finish sixth or better next year to give him the 10 he needs to add to his 30 points from F3 in 2018.



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7 minutes ago, MetalHead said:

Mozda nisam dobro ispratio - Kubica placa svoje mesto? Ko su mu sponzori?!


Da, 17 miliona po sezoni. Poljski naftasi PKN Orlen su mu najveci sponzor. Da nije bilo love sigurno ne bi jednoruki Kubica sedeo u bolidu pre nego Okon ziv i zdrav.


Prica se da je za sledecu sezonu bolidu najblizi Latifi, jerbo cale placa. Hulku jedino ostaje da bude negde tester.

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On 9/21/2019 at 1:40 AM, MetalHead said:

Vidis, to nisam ispratio, samo sam glavnog sponzora check-irao... 


Pa Hulk onda u Mercedes kao test vozac, umesto Ocon-a. I da se nada da ce zameniti Bottas-a. 

Cenim Hulka i kao ljubitelj Mercedes tima voleo bih takav scenario. Mada mi je i Ocon skroz ok. 

@Radoye mali je odlican, trebalo je i na vise godina ali mozda su iz Ferrarija rekli ne duze od godine, mozda je mali materijal za nas. 

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IndyCar or sabbatical both possible for 2020 - Hulkenberg


By: Chris Medland | 17 hours ago



Nico Hulkenberg has admitted competing on road courses in IndyCar could be an option for him in 2020 after being linked with a move to Ed Carpenter Racing — but only if he decides to race next year.


A European media report suggested the German could be set for a drive with ECR next season but RACER understands this claim to be wide of the mark. Speaking in Interlagos ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hulkenberg said IndyCar would now interest him now that all F1 seats are effectively confirmed for 2020, but insists he wants some time off to see what he would be really motivated to race in next year.


“I have not signed anything and I won’t do in the foreseeable future,” Hulkenberg said. “I received several calls from different series’ teams, but nothing is really happening at the moment.


“I guess, yes (IndyCar is a consideration). To be honest, my state of mind is pretty relaxed. I want to finish the season as successfully as possible. And after that rewind a little bit, take a moment or two or three for myself, see what I want to do, see what seems of interest. I am certainly not having the feeling that I want to rush into something just to race.”


When Zak Brown approached Hulkenberg about an IndyCar seat with McLaren earlier this year, the response was that he didn’t want to compete on ovals. The current Renault driver admits that remains the case.


“Ovals, I have always said I am not a fan of it; it just doesn’t strike me. It just seems like it’s not my thing. I’d keep it limited to the road courses.”

Hulkenberg added that he could end up taking some time away from racing, suggesting he won’t make any decisions about his future until January at the earliest.


“Sabbatical, I don’t know what you want to call it. A decade in F1 is intense, living at that high pace. So that is why I just need to see how I feel once the new year starts, and how things develop and evolve, in which direction. Right now I just don’t know, and I don’t want to think about it too much right now because I am still here (in F1).”



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