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Tsitsipas izjavio da je bio inspirisan Alcarazom i da bi hteo ("kad poraste" komentarisao komentator :lol_2: ) da bude kao Alcaraz.



Tip pokusava da se slihta publici/navijacima ubacujuci se u opsti hajp s Alcarazom. :classic_rolleyes:

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On 3/28/2022 at 12:07 AM, wwww said:

inace, novinar je pomenuo Kukushkina :classic_biggrin:

To kao oni Bond filmovi gde ruski negativci obavezno moraju da imaju takva prezimena jer kako bi se Rusi drugačije mogli prezivati :classic_biggrin:

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valjda i ovo moze na ovu temu :ss:



Daniil Medvedev in his Geneva Slam pre-tournament press conference: "During the time I took off, me and Denis Shapovalov worked on our new song. It's something new for me but it was a pleasure to collab with a rapper such as him. The song should be out in the next month or two".



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