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Red Bull-Honda 2020

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Preuzimanje razvoja i proizvodnje motora bi imalo smisla za RB/AlfaTauri samo ako bi nasli i jedan customer team koji ce placati motore... inace bi bilo zaista preskupo. 


AND/OR da nadju partnera za preuzimanje Hondine price. 

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Volf spekulise da RBR vec ima dil sa Mugenom za nastavak Hondinog programa, Binoto kaze kako nisu jos razmatrali mogucnost da Ferari snabdeva RBR a Abitbul kaze da nije pitanje da li Reno zeli ili ne zeli saradnju s RBR jer im pravila ne daju izbor po tom pitanju ako dodje do toga da RBR zatrazi motore.

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i tata bi sine :ajme:




Red Bull wants Formula 1 to freeze its power unit rules after next season in order to continue using its Honda power units after the manufacturer leaves.


Honda has announced it will withdraw from the sport at the end of the 2021 F1 season. Red Bull has indicated that instead of switching to a different engine supplier, it may seek to continue using Honda’s hardware which it would service and maintain, but not develop.


The team’s motorsport consultant Helmut Marko said this was their objective in an interview for Motorsport-Magazin.


“We are primarily working on replacing the Honda engine,” said Marko. “We are there and want to have a solution by the end of November.”


Marko said continuing to use their own engine was “the priority” for Red Bull. “However this can only be achieved if the engine and the surrounding area are completely frozen by the end of 2021 at the latest.


If Red Bull and AlphaTauri are able to continue using Honda-developed engines, they will also be able to maintain the technology sharing arrangement between the two teams, which allows them to reduce their spending.


However Marko made it clear Red Bull is only prepared to maintain the current engines, not develop them, which would bring significant costs.


“This complex engine is difficult enough if you only take care of maintenance and assembly,” he said. “We are currently investigating how this is possible from our side.


“But further development is not possible if you don’t have a technology centre like Sakura. We neither want to build that, nor can we finance it. We don’t want to or can’t finance it.”



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Da, kao sto sam vec rekao:


On 10/7/2020 at 5:42 PM, MetalHead said:

Preuzimanje razvoja i proizvodnje motora bi imalo smisla za RB/AlfaTauri samo ako bi nasli i jedan customer team koji ce placati motore... inace bi bilo zaista preskupo. 


AND/OR da nadju partnera za preuzimanje Hondine price. 


Dakle, potvrdjuju da nemaju para. Cak koliko kukaju, mislim da je i jedan customer tim malo. 

Ne gine im druga liga ili povratak na Renault. Mozda eventualno da rizikuju sa Ferrarijem.  

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RB će konačno pojesti supu koju kuvaju još od 2014, Alonsove reči "KARMA" dolaze na viđelo. Mogao bi ih Maks po tom pitanju odhebati da im to bude poslednji ekser na kovčegu. Ne volim sujetu ali RB je sam sebi zagorčao život.


Apropo Honde, izgleda da je dugoročno Meklaren bio u pravu kad su se rastali a da je saradnja s Renoom bila spasonosna za tim iz Vokinga.


U ovom formatu RB je stvarno u banani, a Maks u prilici da čeka Luisovu penziju i to bi mu bila jedina realna šansa za titule.

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says “the only option that works” for the team is to take over Honda’s engine supply after the manufacturer’s planned departure at the end of the 2021 F1 season.


Honda’s intended exit leaves Red Bull and sister team AlphaTauri seeking a new engine supplier for 2022 and beyond. Horner says their preferred option is to continue using Honda’s engines, but that can only happen if F1 freezes engine development after next season.


“Obviously we’ve got a little bit of time,” he told Sky. “We’ve got just under 18 months to get ourselves sorted.


“But the more we look, there really only is one option that works and that would be to agree something with Honda where we could take on the [intellectual property] for the Honda engine.


“But of course that would have to be dependent on the regulations. It would only make sense for an independent engine supplier, as Red Bull would effectively be, if there was a freeze because it would just be impossible to fund the kind of development spend that goes on with these engines.”


“All that details needs to be fixed with Honda’s senior management,” he added. “But it’s so dependent on what the regulations are going to be. It’s absolutely fundamental that there has to be an engine freeze with these power units until the introduction of the new engines.”


F1 should introduce a freeze to prevent the sport being left with just three engine suppliers, said Horner.


“It’s a big wake-up call for Formula 1 to have a major engine manufacturer like Honda walk away from the sport at the end of ’21. That leaves only three engine suppliers. That’s a very precarious place for the sport to be. So that’s why the governing body really needs to take control of this.”


“The FIA, the commercial rights holder, they need to step up and do their bit,” he added. “I think that for Formula 1 to lose an engine manufacturer is not a good thing. It would be criminal to see those engines just on a shelf somewhere in a Japanese warehouse.”


Mercedes, who will have four engine customers next year, have already ruled out supplying further power units to either Red Bull-owned team. That leaves Red Bull with two options among the current suppliers – Ferrari and Renault – but Horner said “all focus is on plan A”, which is to continue using Honda power.


“Toto’s made Mercedes’ case very clear,” he said. “Obviously Ferrari have got their own issues that they’re dealing with.


“Renault don’t really want to supply us. Their aspirations as a team obviously have changed. It’s inconvenient to supply a team like Red Bull, we’re not a standard customer team, we’re not a small team.”


Under F1’s rules, if Red Bull or AlphaTauri do not have a power unit supply for 2022 agreed by June 1st next year then whichever manufacturer is supplying the fewest teams – currently Renault – would be required to supply them.


During the Eifel Grand Prix Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul said he had not yet been approached by Red Bull.


“I don’t think it’s a question of whether we are open or not open,” he said. “We know the regulation. When you are a participant to the sport you have to accept the rules. It’s part of the sporting regulation. So, we know what that is.


“We also know the details, including in terms of timing and as anyone can check in the sporting regulations, there is still quite a bit of time before we get there.

“I can’t imagine that they don’t have a ‘Plan A’ or ‘Plan B’ and I think we are very far in the pecking order of the alphabet before they call us again.”




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