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  1. What are Government Tenders?


    Tenders announced by governments are called government tenders.

    Always there is a steady work in government tenders and guarantee of payment and because of these reasons many companies or bidders are interested to participate and winning of this kind of tenders announced by Governments. The tenders published by governments can be local or international.

    Governmental contracts can be any size and be for anything from buying a product, services or construction.

    Government tenders can be for purchasing of goods like furniture, computers etc. or for services like cleaning services or for construction projects.

    There are usually 3 types of tenders:

    • Open
    • Limited
    • Pre-qualification


    The best procedures for succeeding government tenders

    The best way for wining a government tender is that before anything you evaluate the tender and be honest with yourself that this tender is suitable for you or not.

    Studying the tender documents and attending the pre bid meetings is very important for evaluating the tender.
    Another step to providing a strong tender or quotation response is to research the department or agency that's advertising.

    By doing this research, your response to tender request will be focused and you'll have a greater understanding of the tender holder.


    In writing answers to the questions asked by tender holder be very careful and pay attention to evaluation criteria of tender holder.

    • In answering to questions be sure that your answers are fully described for all aspects of the question.
    • Always use correct literature in answering the questions and writing any description.
    • Answer each question in full even if it seems repetitive.
    • Differentiate your responses by using value added initiatives that related to the requirements of the tender.
    • Before submitting your responses, check them to be sure that everything is ok.
    • Be careful that you should send your proposals or responses on time. Late tenders will not be accepted.


    Winning a government contract can be an enormous opportunity for any business, so every step of the procurement process can be vulnerable to integrity risks where undue influence, conflicts of interest and fraud may occur.



    Why most of Government Tenders are Open only for local companies?

    Governmental tender holders most of the times open their tenders only to local companies not to foreign companies because their goal is to improve the business growth in their own country and help to small businesses to grow.

    In some cases the government tenders may be international and it means that foreign companies can also participate in these tenders.


    Government Tenders advertisements

    Governments usually advertise their tenders on central government tenders website or in government newspapers.

    Accessing to all world countries’ government tenders is not possible to the bidders and they have to use tenders information services of companies like Bidding Source. Bidding Source as a leading tenders information provider is a known source for this goal. By joining to Bidding Source you will be able to access to all tenders published in all countries in one website.


    Government Tenders and how profit from them

    In order to profit from governmental tenders you should pay attention to below mentioned facts:

    • Always recognize the main requirements of the tender and tender a low price for it.
    • Then describe the potential services for the tender with higher price.


    All this information should be clearly described and never announce your price in higher rate without describing about the potential services that you can offer.

    For accessing to your business related tenders announced by governments of the world, International funding or development agencies, Private companies or any other buyer, register on Bidding Source website and start developing your business internationally.


    Source: biddingsource.com

  2. Tenders Information plays an outstanding role in today’s world business. Bidding Source as a main source of world business tenders information has been established for helping to all companies active in any business field.

    Bidding Source by having different professional teams in different countries and using modern systems will help you not to lose any opportunity tailored to your business. With more than 7000 tender entries per day, Bidding Source is packed with essential and up-to-date information on the state of business tenders in our world. By joining to Bidding Source international business community, always have access to World Online Tenders, Tenders of International Funding Agencies and all other Tenders Information announced by private companies and other organizations.

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